The Association

International Sport Exchange Association (ISEA) aims at promoting sports by helping sporting clubs to connect in order to organize an exchange in France or abroad, for all sports, including disciplines for disabled athletes. Our goal is to create a real social sports network, available for free, allowing the member clubs to broaden and diversify their sporting practice. Our association aims at bringing added value to the clubs by helping them to carry out sport exchanges.

If your sporting club or association wishes to engage in a sport exchange with another club in your country or abroad, we can help you. By becoming a member of our association, you will have access to the social network SportExchange which will give you the opportunity to find other clubs interested in the same type of sport exchanges. All you will have to do is contact them and just share sport!

We carry out 3 types of actions:
  • connecting clubs through an online platform
  • helping clubs to organize sport exchanges
  • providing language services to the clubs

We also want to organize conferences related to sporting issues. 

We were all once in contact with a sporting club. This associative structure is indeed at the basis of the sport movement, as the cornerstone of leisure sports and a breeding ground of all the champions.

We are convinced that sport exchanges allow clubs to diversify their sporting practice, to discover another culture through sport and to tighten the links between club members.

In our opinion, the term “exchange” can refer to a training session with another club on a one-time or regular basis, or to a training camp for one day, a weekend or several days. The mere fact of meeting another club is an exchange since it implies a moment for sharing sport.

Since we created the association, we have presented our project to various stakeholders of the sport community. The general enthusiasm generated has confirmed that our association meets the clubs’ needs.

We are now ready to launch the implementation of SportExchange, the first social network dedicated to sport exchanges! It means to implement an online, complex and dynamic platform that will be the core of the network SportExchange, thanks to which the member clubs will be able to connect.

This social network platform is currently under development and a project of this scale requires significant resources.

That’s why we need your help!

We have recently launched a fund-raising campaign on the platform HelloAsso in order to be able to build this unique social network that will be totally free! Thanks to you, hundreds of clubs around the world will have the opportunity to meet and share sport as early as the spring of 2014!

Whatever your link with sports, you can support our project by making a donation on this page. But also spread the word and become the first ambassadors of our association!

Be part of the adventure to make the first social network dedicated to sport exchanges come into being!


  • Development of intercultural relations between the regions of a country, between all the sport disciplines, including the sports for disabled athletes, and between the cultures around the world
  • Potential increase of the club memberships since any sportsperson who is interested in participating to a sport exchange will contact a club affiliated to an official federation in order to take membership
  • Enhancement of language skills for the athletes taking part to international sport exchanges
  • Experience sharing between the clubs part of a sport exchange, who will thus gain experience (better level, diversification of their sporting practice)
  • Open-mindedness by discovering another discipline, another practice and another culture as part of a sport exchange
  • Added value for the clubs as they will be highlighted on the network SportExchange after each new exchange organized thanks to our association, in order to give better visibility to the clubs in their region

Do you want your club to become one of the first members of the social network SportExchange?

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If you are interested in our association and would like to support us, to meet us or to become a volunteer, please contact us to be part of the adventure!